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ACTIVITY 5.2.2 Young People and Science

European Commission Science in Society program



Kristianstad University




The Kristianstad University (HKr) is a medium small Swedish university with around 11 000 students (2006) that was started as a teacher college in 1835. Today the university has 90 partner universities in the world and receives around 200 international students each year. Read more   


Local Working Group

The HKr group consists of Andreas Redfords (Principal Investigator), Lena Hansson (Research Associate), Maria Rosberg (Research Associate) and Ingrid Lundh (science teacher). Read more 


The national educational system of Sweden

sweden_flag The Swedish public school system comprises of compulsory school (9 years) and various types of voluntary schooling. Compulsory school includes compulsory basic school, school for the Saami people of northern Sweden, special school for children with impaired sight, hearing or speech, and compulsory school for mentally handicapped. Read more 
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